Hello! Here I am, a new doula! My name is Lauren and I live just outside of Little Rock, AR with my husband and our 3 greatest blessings, who all entered the world in very different ways! My growing desire for knowledge about fertility and body literacy paired with my heart for birthing women and pregnancy, started me on this incredible journey of growth & learning. 


Up until recent years, I was torn between following two different career paths on opposite ends of the spectrum. The sudden passing of my mother in January 2014 started my passion for bereavement services just as the birth of my second son, Gabriel, in September 2014 opened my eyes to all aspects of natural birth! After my first natural birth and super healing VBAC, I knew that being a doula as a full-time job would be a dream!  

It has been 5 years since I discovered the supportive role of a doula during the child-bearing year. Without the years of research, I would have been taken advantage of by the birth industry time and time again. Having a knowledgeable, confident and supportive non-medical partner during life's wildest journey has been proven to be beneficial to mothers & the new life they welcome into the world!